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Evidence Eliminator 6.0

4.29 Mb

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Publisher: Internet Washers
Date added: May 06, 2008
File size: 4394 Kb (4.29 Mb)
License:Commercial, $149.95
OS: Win3x/9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Screenshot:View screenshot


"Evidence Eliminator – Evidence Eliminator Internet Washer to Clean Your hard drive."

Evidence Eliminator is an Internet Washer that destroys sensitive local files and documents and erases your tracks. Evidence Eliminator erases cache, cookies, history, typed URL, index.dat, email history, pictures and recent used applications. Because Windows is not capable of deleting information beyond recovery, you are at risk! Everyone that owns or uses a computer needs an Internet Eraser. Passwords, financial documents, even those "about last night" e-mails are fair game for the IT professional, computer technician or hacker. Evidence Eliminator – Internet & Window Washer allows you to purge, wipe and erase this evidence data with methods that far exceed US Department of Defense standards for file deletion. Evidence Eliminator is a powerful and easy-to-use cleaning program, no other commercially available software can do the same job.

Use this windows washer Every day, Evidence Eliminator quickly and professionally deep cleans your computer hard drive of "sensitive material", leaving you with a clean PC, a clean conscience and instant peace of mind. You get immediate Internet privacy protection by downloading this Internet Washer, without needing to fully erase or format your entire hard drive. Save time by not having to re-install all your programs again in order to clean your hard drive. Evidence Eliminator digs deep into Windows finding and erasing all unwanted computer history data.

Evidence Eliminator features:

1. Sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands.
2. Clearing cookies or cache may not be enough.
3. Securely clean space and hidden data areas on your drives.
4. Protect your credit card and personal information.
5. Don`t let other people see where you have been.
6. Clean Email activity.
7. Internet Explorer Downloaded Program Files.
8. There is a hidden encrypted database in the system registry.
9. Erase all files and programs you downloaded or erase the temporary internet file folder.
10. Permanently erase all history data associated with your internet activity and you will protect your privacy from any snoops.
11. Evidence Eliminator software will permanently erase data you pre-selected from your hard drive.

Evidence Eliminator destroys in one click:

1. Windows SWAP file.
2. Windows Application logs.
3. Windows Temporary Files.
4. Windows Recycle Bin.
5. Windows Registry Backups.
6. Windows Clipboard Data.
7. Start Menu Recent Documents history.
8. Start Menu Run history.
9. Start Menu Find Files History.
10. Start Menu Find Computer History.
11. Start Menu Order Data.
12. Start Menu Click History.
13. Microsoft Internet Explorer temporary typed URLs, index files, cache and history.
14. Microsoft Internet Explorer AutoComplete memory of form posts and passwords.
15. Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 5 and above).
16. Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet components (Selective keeping of components).
17. Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Folder memory.
18. Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites List.
19. Microsoft Outlook Express v5+ database of (Selective keeping of mail and news groups).
20. Windows Media Player History.
21. Windows Media Player PlayLists in Media Library.
22. America OnLine Instant Messenger contacts.
23. Netscape Navigator temporary typed URLs, files, cache and history.
24. Netscape Navigator Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 4 and above).
25. Netscape Mail v4+ sent and deleted e-mails.
26. Netscape Mail hidden files.
27. Customizable lists of files and folders, with or without their contents.
28. Customizable scan lists of file types in specific folders.
29. Customizable scan lists of file types on all drives.
30. Deleted filenames, sizes and attributes from drive directory structures.
31. Free cluster space ("Slack") from all file tips.
32. Magnetic remenance from underneath existing files/folders.
33. All free unallocated space on all hard drives.
34. Evidence of activity in many other programs, using Plug-In modules.
35. Slack space and deleted entries in the Windows registry.
36. Created and modified dates and times on all files and folders.
37. Windows Registry Streams.
38. Common Dialog load/save location history.
39. Instant secure deletes of Windows registry data (NT4/2000/XP).
40. More features...


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