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LeoStatistic 9.11

0.51 Mb

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Publisher: LeoKrut
Date added: Nov 04, 2004
File size: 526 Kb (0.51 Mb)
License:Shareware, $89.95
OS: Win95/98/ME/NT4.x/XP/2000/CE
Screenshot:View screenshot


"LeoStatistic – Statistical analysis of experimental data. Distribution, curve fitting and more."

Statistical analysis of experimental data. Elements of artificial intellect in choosing of applicable presentation schemes for given combination of numbers of arguments and values with flexibility for user to compare data with diverse of formulas.

Statistical schemes incorporate distribution of one variable with comparison T and Poisson probability; two arguments distribution with 3D presentation; curve fitting with constructor like and user defined styles; signal revealing with special emphasizing on chromatogram case; 3D presentation of two arguments values with plane and parabolic approximation; multi-arguments approximation and near neighbors method.

Statistical analysis of experimental data.

Universal input of data copy/paste from spreadsheet like MS Excel or Access; fields of database table; text file, from image chart. A trial version permits to handle no more then 10 records erasing all above this number after reading to ensure user in comparability the application with his data sources and stimulate a registration.

LeoStatistic application automatically selects of applicable presentation for given combination of numbers of arguments and values with flexibility in choosing a suitable interface to fit data with diverse of formulas. Statistical schemes include:

Creation of histograms of values distributions and optionally display corresponding T- and Poisson curve; Curve fit with opportunity to use three different interface to chose approximation formula:

- from list predefined, constructor like, user free style definition;
- surface fit with plane or paraboloid;
- signal recognition with chromatography eemphasis;
- multiarguments approximation and near neeighbor`s method.

Results can be copy/paste as a bitmap or/and formulas in MS Office applications, as well print out or saved in files.


distribution, approximation, curve fitting, least square, near neighbors, statistic, software, data from image, LeoStatistic, Statistical analysis of experimental data, Distribution, curve fitting


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