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Subtitle Mixer 2.2

2.39 Mb

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Publisher: upRedSun
Date added: Feb 17, 2008
File size: 2448 Kb (2.39 Mb)
License:Shareware, $19.00
OS: Windows2000,WinXP
Screenshot:View screenshot


Still looking for a solution for playing subtitle for movie that have none subtitle or playing your subtitle for movie that you don`t satisfied with it`s subtitle? Still looking for a solution for palying two kinds of language subtitle or above at the same time? Still looking for a solution for editing and translating subtitle easily? Using Subtitle Mixer, you can play subtitle for some movies that have not any subtitle or you can play any kind of subtitle you want. You can generate a subtitle file that contain different language. At the same time, the language mapping text is generated. The language mapping text is like this:

Qu`est-ce que tu fais?
What were you doing?

If you want to learn language from subtitle, you can add vocabulary or sentence into library anytime. You can directly view vocabulary or sentence in the library. Mini Study is another way to view vocabulary or sentence. Subtitle Mixer provide a tool for code schema convert. Using Subtitle Mixer, you can convert a file from one code schema to another code schema. So, if a file`s code schema is not right, you can correct it by using this tool. Now, it is the time to rock your movie life!

Subtitle Mixer Key Features:

1. Extract language text from a subtitle file (.srt).
2. Extract language text from another subtitle file (.srt).
3. Language mapping text is generated.
4. Multi-Language is supported.
5. Abundant subtitle files can be used.
6. Add vocabulary or sentence into library anytime.
7. Sync view two language texts.
8. Directly study vocabulary or sentence.
9. Mini study anytime.
10. Code schema convert tool is provided.
11. Play subtitle for movie that have not any subtitle or any kind of subtitle you want, experience watermark subtitle.
12. Generate a subtitle file contain different languages,making mix subtitle.
13. Translate and Edit subtitle.

Why you need Subtitle Mixer:

When you watch movies, you often get problems like movie that have none subtitle or you don`t satisfied with the movie subtitle or subtitle can not be shown normally, you want to make a subtitle that contain different languages, or you want to translate and edit your subtitle easily. Those problems maybe bother you so much. Now,using subtitle mixer, those problems are not problems any more.

As we all known, globalization is coming. Language learning is getting very important. The person can speak in many language is very hot. If you can speak in multi-language, you can get prompted, your boss can raise your salary. A lot of good stuff will happen. Maybe you can get your dream work.


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