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Wing: Released Spirits 1.5

21.07 Mb

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Publisher: White Stone
Date added: Jul 27, 2008
File size: 21582 Kb (21.07 Mb)
License:Shareware, $16.00
OS: Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP
Screenshot:View screenshot


"Wing (Released Spirits): 3D Epic adventure action game. Talk, trade, fight, sail, ride horse and fly."

A ravenous citizen of Kyrama isles had a dream of unbelievable treasures. He followed the dream to a forgotten cave, but what he opened was the gate of ancient evil spirits. Kyrama Isles looks forward to the swarm of the spirits. It has already happen 1000 years ago. That time a smart knight could save the people. He has built a flying machine, and hunted down the spirits from the sky. Weeks ago Enar the smith has found the design of this Wing, the flying machine, and reconstructed it. It is your job to find the Light Crystal that supplies Wing, and fight the war against the spirits. You will have to ride horse, and sail ship, dive, talk, and trade with merchants to achieve the goal in this epic 3D adventure game. Explore jungles, cities, caverns, pyramid and palace. Protect yourself with sword and bow. You will see what a challenge the ancient history of this world has in store. Don`t believe? See the trailer animation or read the full playthrough from our website!

Wing: Released Spirits FEATURES:


The game takes place in one big world, no stages loading.
Integrated indoor and outdoor scenery.
Play through an epic story.
Islands and sea, jungles, fields and desert, mountains, tunnels, and canyons.
Cities and villages, ancient pyramid, lakes and rivers.
Intelligent AI controlled inhabitants and enemies; each has own feelings about the player.
Talk or trade with the inhabitants.
Simulated society including law, lord, soldiers, palace and prison.
Wide variety of actors like orcs, merchants, pawns, predators, sharks.
Love and anger, fear, unified attack, or attack from back, hiding.
Fight with hand or rod or axe or sword, drop stones, shot arrows or magic bombs.
A challenging mission and submissions.
Not just walk and swim, climb and dive, but ride horse, sail ship, and even fly.

3D Engine:

Real time 3D fantasy environment.
3D specular shading, fog layers, shadows, particles.
Effects like splash, waves, powder, steam, blood, flame, smoke, etc.
Natural effects like raining, snowing, wind, lightning and thunder.
Days and nights, sunset, sunrise. Sun, moon and stars movement.
Cinematic cut-scenes.


3D, epic, adventure, action, RPG, Wing Released Spirits


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